There's something very special when working with long exposures. Capturing the same object and repeating the shot another five more times, each image will definitely look different than the previous ones. That is magical to me. I've been working before on long exposure series dedicated to human bodies (http://carlos-rua.com/101432/1405377/china/dino-park-night-dreams) but never before with nature. It happened, as many other times by accident, without looking for it. I just had to read the signs. The day before I was working on long exposure nightscapes when I was on the field shoting with the same camera settings than the night before. When I review the images something was telling me to continue investigating and practicing. Light becomes s brush stroke on top of the trees, and the more I move the camera more magical it becomes. I'm hooked again. Please click on images to enlarge. No additional post processing is added. High quality prints are available on limited edition series at info@carlosdelarua.com

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