NEPAL in B&W - Part 1

Nepal, October 2012. Long time ago I thought that Nepal was a remote place to get to, and I had imagine it in my dreams numorous times with the intention of seeing with my own eyes if it is real. and it is, even more of what I could have ever imagine. The sensation of being transfered back in time few centuries ago, the medieval atmosphere that you can breath on every corner, the dust, the semi ruined buildings made of omnipresent bricks, the colorful and traditional dresses, the smell of incense and spices, and the light. That clean, transparent and fresh light that I haven't found before, placed my mind connected with the camera in a very inspiring mental mode. It's difficult to describe with words how much I enjoyed the trip. The best way to express myself is through my work. Thanks people of Nepal, for being so kind and generous, friendly and pure. Namaste.

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