"Tourists Vs Locals"

I'm fascinated with the relationship between tourists and locals, but not in a good way. I think it has a similarity with the relationship between drug addicts have with their dealers, or prostitutes with their customers. It is a win-win relationship. Tourism has become a human zoo where you have to pay an amount of money to enter the human circus, where locals improvise souvenir shops among their architectural heritage, or those who take a handful of rupiahs to be photographed. Tourists taking photos with their tablets, other riding their own wedding photo studio, others walking their sexy and colorful heels infront of the astonished local elders eyes, others standing on top of ancient monuments. etc, etc, etc. Is this tourism? Locals accept the price they have to pay to be invaded. It's a good income. If locals could talk they would think indeed that tourists are crazy, posing in funny and stupid faces, or travelling around the wold in groups of 50. I was impressed when a little girl approached a tourist asking for a few coins. The woman, without remorse, looked at the girl with complete indifference, photographed in his face, and walked away without blinking. That hurt me personally. This world is going crazy. So do we.

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